Thursday, November 1, 2012

Good Morning November!

I'm kinda excited for November to be here...
and it even started off with a bang!

At just around 1am my cousin gave our family another girl!
Scarlet popped into the world (at home, in a pool) at just above 5lbs.

But back to me!!!
Sorry, for some reason I'm in a super duper good mood this morning...I really have no clue where it came form.
Today I feel like my insides belong in a much bigger person, I'm finding it hard to sit too far up and forget leaning over...slip on shoes? don't mind if I do!
My yoga pants are still my best friends and I have treated myself to either a cocoa or hot cider every night...with whip cream.

Last night was the first for Menopur, and HOLY CRAP...totally forgot how that stuff stings! I spent about 5min breathing in through my nose and out my mouth, because I thought I was gonna puke.
I did find a trick to the Menopur though...
Last time around I followed the directions to a T. Mixing the solution and then drawing up 1/2 to take my shot. Well for some reason the next night was never the correct amount. I swear I measured right, and when it was time to do it again I even made AJ watch to make sure I measured correct. And low and behold it was off for the second shot again.
this time I decided that I'm just going to mix, draw it all into the syringe and just inject 1/2 and put in the fridge for the next night...I'll change the needle and inject the rest.
Totally works! and I'm not taking less than needed.  AJ insured me that I was still getting the amount of meds I needed to since it was all diluted, but I can't help but feel like I failed since I couldn't take it right.

My bruise is looking perdy fugly too.  Last time it was bigger, but this time it's all red instead of purple so it looks so much worse. But I think I'll just "medicate" with more warm drinks topped with whip cream!  I think Starbucks might supply today's! Because it's true, Every once in a while you just need the cup with the green straw!


  1. Hello November! So glad you are feeling so good! Yes. Whip Cream Hot Drinks fixes everything! :) :)

  2. Enjoy that cup with the green straw! Also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Blogging Award.

  3. Yay for November and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you got a venti Starbucks cocoa with extra whip cream. My RE says no chocolate because it has caffeine :( so I now order a pumpkin spice latte without the expresso, not as good but it will do.


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