Wednesday, November 28, 2012

still tired

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day. I'm still tired form it.
My grandmother had her defibrillator replaced, and at 80 a simple routine surgery somehow gets you more scared than it should. Thankfully it all went perfect. She is home now and I'm heading out to see her in a few....which really means that I'm off to take care of her and my grandfather.
She was scheduled for a 11:30 procedure but it somehow didn't happen until 2:30! yep 3hrs late.  My mom, uncle and I left as soon as the Dr talked to us...I was so tired and didn't want to drive the 40min home in the very dark.

On the baby front, my first Ultrasound is scheduled for the 10th! AJ took the day off and our appointment is bright and early at 8am.  That day is going to be one hell of a day for me :ultrasound witch WILL result in me balling like a baby, and I have two final projects due. Thankfully I don't have any finals this year, just projects. But let me tell you they are not easy projects! (thanks advanced classes). Thankfully I'll get pizza and popcorn in class that night, we watch our final video projects and the teacher (super awesome dude) always brings in pizza for the class. I think I'll make the popcorn almond bark stuff and bring it in too.

The nurse sent me my new calendar...witch is the same with the ultrasound added, and gave me my due date! 8-1-13, that puts me at 5 weeks tomorrow!
So we could have a July or August baby...I think it would just be the coolest to have the kid on 7-31 because that's the day AJ and I met each other. We count it as the day we got together, because we basically didn't spend a day apart until March....we were kinda smitten ;)

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  1. That's great your Grandma is doing well.
    Our ultrasounds are scheduled on the same day! Can't wait!!


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