Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2dp3dt...tmi warning!

I'm at day2 past the 3day transfer! I'm feeling flipping fantastic!
I have energy and I even Rena a ton of places this morning and I'm now baking some cookies!
After the transfer for IVF#1 I was super tired. I figured it was the progesterone, but now I wonder.

I added the fabulous progesterone suppositories last night!!! And wow buddie I now remember why I hated those f-ers!
Hot flashes that have me waking up in a puddle of wet sheets.
Sore boobs.
Heartburn that would put any dragon to shame.
Thirst...I'm so so soooo thirsty!
Vivid and sometimes terrifying dreams.
What I will refer to as sludge bum...
Bad charley-horse calf spasms! (Why I have been eating 2 bananas a day)
And best of all!!! goopy vag!

Is nothing worse than slime imitating form your nether regions?!?!?
I think not.

To top all this of AJ is getting a cold...
And you know what that means?
He snores like a chainsaw....and he grew a vagina.
Oh how men turn into whiny little girls the min they get any ailment!
I even decided to be super wifey and stop to pick him up his favorite cheesecake last night, it was a hit of course, but sadly didn't cure the whine!
He has already bitched about being sick like 3 times on the Facebook...
I just think it's funny that I can have needles poked through my ute and into my ovaries and he asks on the way home if I want to go to the mall and maybe Sam's Club...what?!?!
No I want to go lay on the couch and be a bum!
Men...I tell ya!
It's a good thing we love them!


  1. Lol sludge bum.... I can't stop laughing!

  2. Lol. Oh Men. What are we going to do with them!


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