Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Retrieval Tomorrow!

I have been trying to post from my iPad all day today...but for some reason it won't work. And to top that off my keyboard batteries died so I couldn't use my computer until they charged...needless to say it's been a long day. (and I'm not even telling you about my advanced web page class homework, ugh...that shit can kiss my bum!)

I had the pleasure of getting a midnight needle as a snack!
Trigger at midnight last night (12am today's kinda confusing)
Transfer at 10:30 tomorrow morning! We have to be there at 9:45, which means leaving the house at 8:20ish. At least this time AJ won't be hungry and want pizza...and eat it in front of me...when I can't eat and am starving.
I can handle the not eating, but I'm a must have OJ first thing in the morning person. It's like my life force. I'm not kidding.

My arm is killing me form last night's shot, last time it didn't hurt at all. This time I feel like the Incredible Hulk punched me in the arm. Thankfully I did it in my left so I can kinda baby it. No one told the dog though...she's jumped on it a few times. She does it again I may kill her.

I'm excited to see how many good eggies we get and what size they are...the ultrasound tech didn't tell me sizes on Tuesday, just that they had grown some since Monday.

IVF#2 Here we go!


  1. Oh! I've been waiting to hear this update!!! Sending you so many thoughts for tomorrow!!!

    1. Thanks! It was driving me nuts not being able to post all day, I kept thinking how you guys would be wondering what's going on, I felt like a bad blogger!

  2. Wishing you TONS of luck today!!


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