About Me

I'm a mix of a person.

I can be girly, wearing flowers in my hair and painting my nails..
Then the next day be a tomboy and climb a tree with out a second thought.

I love arts and crafts of all kinds. I paint, draw, knit, crochet, make jewelry, sew, and take photos (which is on the top of my list for favorites).

I have completed two certificates, one for Certified Nursing Assistant and one for Esthetics.  The CNA didn't float my boat and although I love being an esthethician the job market has failed me.
Just after getting married AJ and I decided that I needed to finish "real" college. Seeing as I never really finished the first time around. So I am now a part time student in the Digital Media program at our community college. I have 3 more classes to take after this semester is over and will graduate in May 2013!

I work for the community college as a lab assistant...which means I sit for hours and babysit computers. It's not bad, I get to do all my homework and get paid for it. I have also become somewhat of a teacher's assistant...I cover more classes for my teacher/boss than not these days, but that's ok I kinda love it.

I love movies, going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do...plus there's popcorn, so win win! I love the comic book movies the most, I could totally skip the girly crap and go right into the "boy" movies.

Fall is my favorite season, then spring, then summer, then winter. I could move to Seattle in a heartbeat, I love love love rain. 

I love to cook and try new things...AJ on the other hand hates when I try new things with food...but I could totally stay home all day and bake things.  I dream of one day opening a bakery coffee shop.

I could get lost in a book for hours, and usually do. I have to avoid books during the school semester, because I tend to read and not do school work.
I like the YA science fiction books, and I have a thing for vampires...always have, WAY before Twilight...Twilight sucks.

I love to sing. I was one of 3 top sopranos my senior year in choir. I don't sing with a choir anymore, I wish I did. But I do sing all the time, but now it's just for me.

AJ is a Science geek. He loves sports and tends to "live" in his man-cave in the basement where he can avoid my nerdy love for stupid shows about comic books and aliens that fly around in police boxes.

He pampers the dog more than he should...but so do I.

If you can't find him at a gathering he is most likely wherever the kids are...playing and getting them into trouble.

If you ask him what he wants for dinner, the answer will always be in the form of meat and potatoes...unless it's chicken and noodles...that boy does love him some chicken and noodles.

We have been together for 8 years, married for 3 of them and had the dog for 5.
We began trying to have children the moment we got married...we figured that we had been together for 5 years already so why wait. Sadly it didn't work that way for us and we are still waiting.
We have been through a year "just trying" another of medicine and trying and then the third has been filled with assisted methods...IUI and IVF.
To find out the details you can check out the Time Line tab at the top of the page.

Feel free to ask me anything you want, my email is under the Talk to Me tab at the top if you would like to do so privately.  I'm all for helping anyone I can, because if I have been through it and you are going through it than I should be there to help you along the way...it only seems right.