Sunday, November 11, 2012


We transferred 3 today!
I know what you are thinking...3!?!?!

Let me explain
Two were nine cells and one was a 4 cell.
One of the nine cells was perfect, one was fragmented and the 4 cell got tossed in for good measure.

When the embryologist said 3 I about peed myself...because you know I had just chugged a ton of water...but then she explained that the chance for triplets was low, somewhere around 10% so we figured if its what they recommend then we will go with it.

I've been on the couch since about noon today, but my stupid iPad didn't want me to post to blogger...and I wasn't about to crawl up stairs. So I'm sorry it took me forever to post this update.

My Betas are set up for a week from Monday and Wednesday, and again they won't tell me a result until Wednesday...which makes me kinda insane!

I do have to work tomorrow, but thankfully not until 3...but the class that lasts until 9pm might just do me in.


  1. Such good news!!! So excited for you! Our BETAs will be close. Praying for BFPs for us both!!

  2. On my second ivf we transferred three also. Boy was I scared at first but thankful on the choice we made. Good luck to you during your tww and on some sticky embies.

  3. 3! How exciting. That sucks they make you wait until Wednesday. Torture. I just had my transfer today and I find out Wednesday too. Keeping my fingers crossed we both get great news then.


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