Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the hole in my elbow

I went for my first BETA yesterday...It's killing me not knowing until tomorrow.
But anyways...
I got she-Hulk.
This is the same chick that took one of my E2's last IVF and left me with a HUGE bruise that covered my entire inner elbow(is that what it's called...for some reason that sounds so strange...shouldn't it have it's own name? does it and I'm just being a dumb dumb?).

Well yesterday I actually spoke up about how rough she was. I told her she could be a bit more gentle.
I also made sure to look at the name on her name tag and when I go back tomorrow I'm totally going to be that person that says "Not Beth".
I just hope the cute little knitting grandma that was in line after me didn't get her...I'm sure that if she did that woman will have bled out and now has an actual hole in her arm.

I went shopping today...I know I'm crazy. It was a mad house. Thankfully I didn't need much.
But I did manage to not pick up any pee sticks. I don't know how. I was even at the dollar store! I think it's the first time I have ever been to the dollar store and not picked up a few of them...I mean they are a buck and let's face it...if us IF-es are good at one thing it's peeing on things!

I have one test under my sink, I've had it for about 2years now. It's one of the ept's that say pregnant or not pregnant. I'm keeping it for when I know I'm pregnant, like if tomorrow's BETA comes back positive I'll pee on that thing faster than my dog pees on the light post in front of our house...and man does she love to pee on that thing.
I just don't think I can handle something digital telling me I'm not pregnant. So I'll save it. Let's just hope I get to pee on it tomorrow.

Last round I got the call around 1pm and I had gone for the test around 8am...tomorrow I plan on being there at 6 when they open the lab.
I'm going to be home alone (well the dog will be here) all day, and thankfully I don't have to work tomorrow. Finding out at work last time was killer, especially since it was bad news.  This time I'm glad I get to cry alone...
good or bad.
And if it's good AJ will be the first to know. Which is the way it should be. I'm totally making the dog a shirt that says "only child - expires:August 2013"! So when he comes home form work she can run up to him in it. And then Thanksgiving morning when my parents and brother get here I'll put her back in it!
God I hope this works, I really want to make that shirt.

Either way I'll let you guys know tomorrow.


  1. Sending so many thoughts. Fingers double crossed!!!!!!

  2. Why do she-Hulks get jobs like that? So annoying.
    I'm hoping and praying for good news for you tomorrow.


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