Sunday, November 25, 2012

Progesterone issues, tired and worried

So I ran out of PiO (progesterone in oil), no biggie. I called the pharmacy to have it refilled and sent next day...
Weeeelllll the delivery service didn't want to drive the 3hrs on the weekend to get it to me so they were going to use FedEx...which would charge me something around $45!
In a panic I called the nurse on call, and felt so bad I had to do so on Black Friday...she was out shopping. Man I felt bad.
But she's amazing and tracked down a Walgreens in town that had in on hand! She called it in and you would think that's all there was to would be wrong.
The other pharmacy didn't cancel my order so Walgreens couldn't get my insurance to cover their order...
I didn't get the message until after 5pm so my usual pharmacy couldn't be contacted to cancel the order...
So my butt had to get up early on a SATURDAY to call the pharmacy, cancel the order and then call Walgreens and make sure they processed the order.
And all for just 10days of medicine!
This PiO is in sesame seed oil and man is it thick! It also itches like crazy!

I have been soooooo tired this weekend, like I'm dragging through the mud when I try to walk. Which I guess is a good sign, but it's really the only sign other than the fact I could eat a horse. I never seem to get full.
My boobs are still normal and everything else is still normal too...I'm just tired and hungry.

I'm just kinda worried about tomorrow's BETA.
With my second being only 14.8.  I'm just so worried that it is way too low, that this is chemical.
I haven't peed on any other sticks, and I'm kinda afraid to.

I've been kinda numb about the whole thing...and I think I will be until I hear larger numbers.

I have about a million things to do tomorrow so I'm going early to get my BETA.
Also my grandma is having her defibrillator replaced on Tuesday.  That means I get to drive and sit in waiting rooms and eat hospital food for the day....yippie!

On another non-related note, AJ got me an iPhone!!! Finally! I'm not the last person on the planet to get an iPhone....or phone with internet, my sad little old phone was such a pain in the hiney! It would just forget to give me messages and calls...all the time. I finally feel up with the times, I even got hipster. (I refuse to get twitter, that will never happen...I'm not that hipster)

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