Wednesday, October 31, 2012

you know you are out of it when...

you write a whole post and just forget to post it...

yep I did that.

I blame the Follistim.
It has turned me into a zombie...yesterday was bad. You would have thought that I was stoned or something. I spent most of the morning staring at nothing at all and finally around 2ish I was coming back to earth.
I edited some photos and watched some Netflix...and I totally wrote a post about how I was feeling...and forgot to post it.
Anyways, I'm feeling a million times better today!
Like I have energy and some focus today, which is great because I was kinda worried about driving to work if I was in the mental state I was in yesterday.

I think the fact that I'm feeling better today was because my mom came out to my house before work, to get ready and just sit and have breakfast with me. It was so nice to have someone other than the dog to talk to this morning!  I made myself pancakes...because...pancakes, and washed it all down with a pumpkin spice late...with whip cream. mmmmmmm    Every morning should begin like that.


  1. Glad you had a great day! Sorry that the follistim is not being nice to you. Do you know when your egg retrieval will be yet?

    1. I go in Monday morning for an U/S and another blood test. Last time they told me to come back the next day and then did the retrieval on Thursday. This time I'm hoping they won't make me come back and they will schedule the retrieval for'll work better for my schedule. But at this point I'll take what ever I can get!

    2. We are going to be so close. Mine should be on Tuesday. How are you feeling? I am really starting to feel bloaty today and have so many twinges. Crossing my fingers it all works out that you can go in on Wednesday.


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