Monday, November 5, 2012

The Weekend, a Birthday, and a Monday

So the weekend was kinda sucky, all thanks to me feeling like a stuffed pig...but more on the eggies in a bit.
Friday night we had a movie night. I picked up take-n-bake pizza and we cuddled in bed to watch The Avengers...AJ fell asleep within 15min. I expected nothing less. At least I got to see the movie.
Saturday we did a little shopping, had hot dogs for lunch, and went to a friends house for a party...
The party made me want to punch multiple the face...with a chair.
It was a "martini madness" party which means I get to drink water and watch all the bitchy chicks get waisted and act like they are still 21 and not 30!  And it lived up to its hype.
At one point the hostess drunkenly told me that if pregnancy wasn't soooo hard on her she would gladly have another kid and give it to me...!
This is the same chick that complained to me about trying to get pregnant for a whole 3 months for their second kid...we had been trying for about 15 months at that point...and I was sitting next to a gal who had a daughter with bladder ex trophy (born with her bladder exposed). I swear some people are just dumb.
Needless to say we left the party early.
I felt pretty miserable on Saturday, warn down and I was starting to feel my do I put this...giggle? So it was nice to get home and put my yoga pants back on.
Sunday was nice and relaxing.
I made myself a coffee and some pancakes. AJ did the dishes and vacuumed the house. I decided that I would do some birthday shopping and ended up getting myself two new pairs of corduroy pants at a second had shop for less than 20 bucks! Woot woot! I also scored a new yellow sweater that I'm totally in love all in all win win!
We were planning on going out to dinner with my parents and brother, but it ended up being a party of 11! My aunt, uncle, cousin and his room mate came and so did my grandparents. It was fantastic, I love being with my family...I would choose family dinner over a friends dinner any day.

So that brings us to today
My ultrasound showed a 20 on my left and a few 14/15's and a 21 on the right and a few 13/14's.
I left with instructions to continue shots as usual tonight and come back for another E2 and ultrasound tomorrow morning!
Sadly my RE's wife is bad sick and he will be out of the office tomorrow, which means I have to go to a radiology place to get my ultrasound, but I still have to go to the office for my E2.  I have to be there at 8:30, which means leaving the house at 7:30...gee I hope they don't mind me in my jimjams and ponytail!
I'm expecting the same as last time, trigger Wednesday (early am) and retrieval on Thursday.  Which will actually work perfectly for my work schedule and AJ's.

I'm so ready for this, I think I'm finally letting myself see the hope in this round.


  1. What a great number so far!! Excited to hear the next report!!

  2. Just wanted to say hi! I'm new to your blog and just wanted to make my presence known :) Looks like you've got some great follies going on! A 21! Wow!! We're still trying naturally for now.
    And I'm with you, I'd rather have a date with my family than my friends anyday!


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