Thursday, November 15, 2012

the one where I turn into a big cry baby

So my shot last night...
AJ had to go get me a tissue because the tears wouldn't stop.

You see I have this knot in my butt muscle on the right side. Hurts like hell. Two nights ago (when it was right-ey's turn again) I had AJ shoot my progesterone just under the big deal. Didn't hurt that bad.
So last night when it was back to the right side we tried for about 5 min to figure out how he was going to "pinch" the muscle to give the shot.  There was no way around it, the knot is covering the entire section of my bum that the shot is given in! It grew and formed a bruise!
AJ tried his best...he really did.
But OH MY GOD it hurt. I was shaking it hurt so bad. Tears all over my counter top.
I even tried the "stance" that Emily over at a blanket 2 keep suggested, and it totally works...just not on knotted up muscles :(

If only I could use a heating pad or heat of any kind...but no.
I'm on strict orders to stay far away from the amazing inventions that are heating pads.
My friend did suggest this stuff called Arnica Gel, it's all natural and it's for muscle pain and bruising. She uses it all the time, she has a bleeding disorder and is constantly getting transfusions that form fantastic if it works for her I'm gonna give it a try. 

Oh another progesterone note, the bananas are totally working!
It seems that 2 a day keeps the leg crams away!!!
I haven't had one twinge or sign of a spasm.  And my boobs are not as sore as last time either, so maybe potassium is the key people! and get some!
And anyways, banana and peanut butter shakes are ah-may-zing!

I'm dealing with a sick man again today, AJ decided to stay home from work today. I'm kinda thankful for that, I don't know how he would have made it.  He's been hacking bad and sadly it's not very's one of those colds where everything is stuck in his chest and the cough isn't the kind (yet) to break it all up. Poor guy, I feel so bad. BUT I'm avoiding him like the plague, because I'll be damned if I'm gonna get it when I can't take any meds. Plus I want to keep the embabies as healthy in there as possible!
I was totally going to clean the bedroom today too...guess I can't do that!

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  1. Yes...keep that man away from you!!! No sickness needed while you cook those babies!! Glad the bananas are helping!


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