Monday, August 6, 2012

the hole in my arm and a baby shower

I went last Thursday morning to have my E2 drawn, and after sitting for 30+ min of checking in and then waiting for the lab tec to call my name I finally get back there.  One tube of blood and way more pain than I have ever had getting blood work in my life (and this is after the 6 tubes they took a month or so ago) I now have the biggest bruise on the inside of my elbow.
I swear the chick hit bone. It bleed like a mo fo for about 2 hrs!
I woke up Friday morning with dime size red blood patch just left of the puncture hole and a tad bit of a bruise...but Saturday I woke up with a bruise that covered the entire inside of my elbow!
I can't hang my arm down at my side and I can't bend it all the basically I walk around holding onto myself...awkward.

On another note I went to a baby shower this weekend.
And it wasn't that bad.
The couple has been through 3IUI's and finally got one to stick with an IVF. Their little guy is due in about a month and he's already 6lbs! I'm so overly happy for them it's not even funny...they give me mad hope and they are so helpful with any and all questions I send their way. They even offered to come over and help me if I had trouble with my injections.
They are the ones that I was making the blanket for...and I totally blanked on taking a finished photo!
I'm such a bad crafter!  but she did take a photo with the blanket wrapped around the baby bump, so as soon as that hits facebook I'll snatch it and pop it on here.

The shower was small and Mary Poppins themed...which I loved! and they had thumbprint cookies so win win...because those little drops of heaven are DELICIOUS!
I kinda want to just make a batch for myself...ya know, to eat while watching the Olympics...or anything.  ;)

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  1. I hate it when they go really deep and end up collapsing the vein! That sucks and hurts for so long! I'm a bleeder too. There is only one nurse at my RE that doesn't bruise the heck out of me. Thank goodness I get her most of the time.

    Glad the shower wasn't bad. What sweet friends. Kinda jealous of you having RL IF friends. I am really excited to see your blanket!!!

    Mmmmmm thumbprint cookies!


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