Monday, August 20, 2012

Trying to be positive

I'm trying realllllly hard not to have doubts about tomorrow.

I'm just so nervous, more so than I was on Saturday. Which is strange.
It's just that if we would have transferred on Sunday there would have been 5 embabies to choose from, and I have this huge fear that tomorrow we will get there and have none...or one that is weak.
I'm so scared that we missed the best chance just to see if a lead embaby pulls ahead of the others.

I'm sitting here trying my best to think positive, because if I have to be honest thing today have fallen into place perfectly.
I was able to go to class...I'm one of those nerds that would have been really let down if I missed it. He gave us our first project assignment, and I would have just been stressed out later if I was a week behind.
When class was over I checked my phone and my mom had texted letting me know that she was able to move her schedule at work(thanks to a co-worker) so that she can be with me both Wednesday and Thursday...and let me tell you, I was soooooo stressed about her not being here with me while on bed rest!
So really I should be good...but my mind won't stop with the what ifs.

I tell ya, tomorrow afternoon can't get here fast enough!

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