Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It happening...it's really happening.

As if all the injections weren't real...But today when Dr. H said "ok I think we are ready" it hit me. This is really happening.

I get a break from injections tonight and tomorrow (well almost) I'm still waiting on the nurse to call with the times for my trigger and retrival appointment since my E2 results take a bit to get back.

He said I have 14 good harvestable eggs! And the nurse said that was about her average, we fall a our middle in the retrival group...they go in order from most to least. I'm just glad we are not last on the list!

I left the office super excited, texted AJ to take Thursday off for our retrieval! and then called my mom. She couldn't go with me today(I made the drive solo) because she had to work this afternoon and I didn't want to risk her being late (there is a ton of construction on my way there and back).  She sent text/calls out to my aunt and grandparents and requested prayers. We are all praying for 3 good ones to put back in, and for the transfer to be next Tuesday.

So now I'm sitting here...very impatiently I may add...for my phone call instructing when to jab the 1" needle in my arm and what time we need to be at the office for the retrival!

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