Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Best IVF aid ever...well I think so

See I told you that color coded calendar was ugly!

So I told you before that my mom gave me that amazing pillbox! (don't you just love purple and blue together??? no? just me? ok) Well I was having a bit of a problem the first few days with which little pill box was the one to take.  So enter the white board marker!!!!

I put the date on the top and then if I have an injection I also put it on there too!  I erase the info just after I take the meds, that way I don't get further confused. Then on Saturday night I remark and refill!
The L-5 is for Lupron 5units.  Since none of my injections begin with the same letters I decided shorthand was best...it's a small space!

Now when I get up in the morning and go down to take my meds (6am!) I don't really have to think about it or try to make heads or tails of the psychedelic calendar, I just open the pill box and check what I have marked on top.
And since my meds need to be on the cold side, I have it all set up on our kitchen table, (I move it if we have company) that way I can stop at the fridge, grab my meds (out of their home in the bottom drawer) chug some OJ and shoot up!

You guys may think I'm crazy to be so excited about a pillbox and a marker...but it's the small things in life people!  I have reduced my confusion in the am AND shaved about 5min of my morning routine!

To help matters more I have all my drugs (those not in the fridge) and their needles in a big box just behind this set up on my kitchen table. It makes for easy reloading of the pillbox. My sharps container is in front of the box and next to that is a little box of the exact amount of needles and alcohol wipes needed for my Lupron...and when the Menopur gets added to the routine I'll add another little box...the Follistim needle caps I'll put in a little box too.  Everything in it's own little place!

I totally admit to the OCD...without shame.  I am nothing without organization and note taking!

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  1. I think that's awesome! I recently found myself confused on if I took my metformin or not yet so I got myself a week box like that. I have metformin twice a day, prenatal once and I added a regimen of colace because I have been extremely constipated since my IUI. If I had to take prometrium too it would be twice a day too. Keeps me organized and feeling sane.


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