Tuesday, August 28, 2012


there ya go now you have Gwen Stafani stuck in your head too!

So the night before my transfer my legs decided to spasm around 6:30am. One then the other. 
God love my dad, he stopped on his way to my house and picked me up some bananas, and I ate two that evening after my transfer. By the next day my legs felt better...but still not normal.
See they felt like someone had taken a crank and twisted my calf muscles and left them that way. Tight and almost like I couldn't walk that well. Fun times!
Now I just thought it was because I was a bum for the few days following my retrieval, ya know I didn't go on the nightly dog walks with the hubs and I hadn't been up and down the stairs that much...because when they poke needles through your vag you realllllly feel like running a marathon!
My mom said that when she and my dad were talking that night he mentioned that he bets my spasms are from the progesterone. He said he remembers my mom getting them when she was on it for when she started menopause.
When I asked the nurse (before my transfer) what I should (or more accurately what I shouldn't do) she said more water...like I could drink any more and not float away! and bananas...and NO heating pads.
 I had my bananas and I drank my water and they went back to normal... 
until the night before last.
Thank God it was just one and not both.

Back to the store for bananas I go!

PS- Beta #1 tomorrow! too bad I don't get the number...they make you wait till Beta#2 to tell you anything....GRRRRR
let's see if I can keep from peeing on things until then.

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  1. how is it even possible that you are not peeing on things?! you have a stronger will than me...


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