Wednesday, August 29, 2012 what's the difference?

I mean it's just one little letter right a..p and who makes the rule that you must take a pregnancy test in the morning instead of the evening?

So Beta #1 was this morning...and it's KILLING me that the office knows if I'm really pregnant or not and I don't...stinkin not telling me till the second Beta...WHO DOES THAT TO PEOPLE?!?!

I laid in bed this morning for a solid 15 min in a teeter between peeing on a stick or or not.
I chose not to, and I'm now kicking myself.

So I'm wondering if it matters if I do it now...
I've got the few on hand...what IF women doesn't???

If I don't tonight there is NO way of keeping me from peeing on one. And my mom will be here and she will totally just drive me nuts following me around with a pee stick..."I know ya gotta pee soon".

So I should just do it now?
Yes you say?
ok fine you twisted my arm!
(I'll admit it may have already been a wee bit twisted)

oh and we had Chinese take-out for dinner and I just opened my cookie...
"You need not worry about your future"
score! the cookie thinks I should pee on a stick too!


  1. Replies
    1. negatory :(
      But I know it doesn't mean much...still have some hope for a positive in the am!

  2. I can't imagine how much torture that is to know they have BETA results and not get them! Praying for a positive in the AM!!


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