Friday, August 24, 2012

Holy Goop! Batman!

Warning: TMI post!

So I started my progesterone suppositories last night...along with progesterone in oil shots.


Last night I may have almost killed my husband over the littlest and stupidest thing ever!

Thank goodness I was back to my normal self this morning!  I was just a bit tired and my boobs hurt.
This double dose of progesterone may kill my by the end of next week. That or I may duck tape my boobs because every step I take kills! Now I'm what the men folk would call "stacked"...and I would consider that to be a vast understatement!

Just for giggles - I have a friend that said when I get pregnant he is getting me two unicycles so that I can prop up my ginormous boobs and wheel them around.
I think I may have peed myself when he said that, but to be honest I may need them!

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend
(I'll be spending mine writing webpages!!!)
{those are sarcastic!!!}


  1. LOL at the unicycles! Hoping and praying that these are all good signs and not just from the progesterone you are taking!

  2. The suppositories are just yucky. I am buying stock in liners! GL!

  3. All these extra hormones can make us crazy! I love the idea of the unicycles...hilarious!


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