Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Currently PUPO!

PUPO= pregnant until proven otherwise!

Today was transfer day!
It went great, but my cervix was being a bugger so he had to give it a little grab...aka ouch
After that the plopped my two little embabies in! (one full blast one partial blast) I have a little picture of them, it's on my night stand.
When he put them in it was kinda cool...ok really cool.
I payed there for my 20 or so minuets and then my mom took me to the bathroom...because dear God did I have to pee like a mo fo!
The valium they gave me...meh. Pointless, it didn't even kick in until we were on our way home.
Well maybe on the way to Taco Bell...crunch rap my favorite!?! Oh ya!

Anyways, we headed over to my grandparents because my grandmother made 8 I'm not exaggerating she really made that much...of my favorite soup!
But the best part was I asked them (grandma and grandpa) to pray over me...and the baby/babies.
My gram jumps up and "runs" (""because really how fast can an 80yrold run ) in the other room and comes back with her prayer shall...which came from Israel by the way...and she drapes it over me, hands me the tassels and her and my grandpa laied hands on my belly and prayed...
And I cried...and now I'm crying again.
I'm so thankful that my mom thought to snap a few pics while they were will hang in the nursery. It's beautiful.

So for now I'm in bed, we just got done watching Tangled and I think I'm going to call it a night...I'm kinda warn out emotionally.  That or I'm gonna look up more baby rap on the Internet...probably the latter!


  1. What a beautiful moment to cherish. Congrats on being PUPO!!

  2. Sounds like an amazing family to be a part of. GL!

  3. OMG I'm in tears! That was so beautiful of your Grandma and Grandpa! What a wonderful moment to cherish and tell your baby/ies in the future. Come on little ones! Dig in deep and grow grow grow!!

    Sorry so behind. Oh and crunchwraps are the bomb! I want one!


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