Monday, August 13, 2012

Back again tomorrow

I went in today for a ultrasound and another E2.
I have four 16's and two 10's on the left, and two 15's, two 10's and a 12 on the right...and they want me to come back tomorrow morning to have another ultrasound and another E2.
Now I'm all cool with doing whatever I can to get a baby...but geeze, can someone please loan me the gas money???
I put gas in the car before I left this morning, and I'm gonna have to put more in before I leave tomorrow. Benefit of not having a reproductive endocrinologist within 40 miles.
Let's just hope he tells me tomorrow that my retrivial is Thursday or Friday. And while we are hoping let hope my transfer ends up next Tuesday...because I realllllly want to not miss my first day do classes.  (I'm a nerd, I'm ok with it)

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  1. I had to go in to get bloodwork and an ultrasound done for like 11 or 12 days with both of our IVF's and our dr's office is 30 miles away. Then we had to go drive 55 miles to the other office for the retrieval and transfer since they don't do those at the closer office. So the $30 copay I had for each of those appointments, plus the gas to get there and back every day added up in a hurry!


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