Saturday, August 18, 2012

Retrival Lowdown

Or as I like to call it...that time Kat was drunk without drinking and laid 12 eggs!

This is long...just a fair warning!

I woke up Thursday morning around 9:30 and jumped in the shower, shaved the who ha, and put my hair in pigtails (because why not and they are so much more comfy than a pony when laying in a bed...I usually wear piggies to all my ultrasounds)
I tossed a blanket an pillow in the car and then sat around for a bit with the dog and husband. He decided to be mean and eat leftover pizza in front of me! but I was so nervous I don't think I could have eaten anyways.
We left home about 11:15, and it's a good thing we did too, because we hit a huge storm on the way that slowed us down a bit...hail and all! We needed the rain sooooo bad so I can't complain!
We got there just in time and only had to wait a few minuets in the empty waiting room...that means less people to see me in my super huge comfy tshirt and yoga pants!
The nurse brought me back to the prep room and gave me my lovely blue robe to chhange into, then the (bestest ever) lab tec came in to take AJ so he could put his bid-nes in a cup. While he was depositing the other nurse came in to take my vitals and then put in my IV, which ouch!
Then...I think stupidly...they had me go to the bathroom. This initialed me waddling down the hall holding the back of my gown shut with my non IV arm and then do you know how hard it is to pee and wipe with yor left when you are a righty??? Not easy let me tell you! Apparently I didn't do as well as I thought because I did get a bit of blood backup in my IV...but they said it was no big deal.
So back to the prep room I go and attempt to hop back up on the I'm a towering 5'1" and I only got one good arm...I think I flashed at least 2people my vijay jay, but I digress. I figure at this point enought people have had a good show, so no harm no foul!
The anesthesiologist popped in to say hi, and it's not surprising that the man was so nice and funny...he fits in with that office perfectly.
AJ got back just in time, because the nurse came back to run through my instructions for the rest of the day at home and to give me my calendar for the next week or so. And then they sent him to the waiting room (with a kiss from me) and took me of to the operating room.
I hopped up and put my knees up in the stirrups and they must have pushed some of the drugs the second my head hit the back of the table...because I got loopy almost instantaneously...I have no idea how it got to talk of whiskey, but apparently everyone in the office(including AJ in the lobby) now knows how much I love a good whiskey! All I can do is laugh about that one!
All I can say about being put out is BEST NAP EVER! I woke up feeling fantastic.
When back in the prep room I was asked what my pain was at, and it really was only a 3 so the nurse said I could have some juice...and I picked apple and got some animal cracker too...mmmmmm, and they sent AJ back in. He was shocked, he was only out there for about 15-20 min!
By the time the nurse was back with my snack my pain was up to about a 7/8 so I got more glorious IV meds. They watched my blood pressure, it was a bit high, and within a half hr they were taking out my IV and telling me I could get dressed.
They sent us on our way with instructions to take it easy for a few days and that they got 12 eggs out of me!

We payed out $800 bill and headed on to get something to eat.
We tried Texas Road House, but they weren't open yet...poor AJ he was soooo looking forward to that.
We stopped half way home and had a great late lunch of fried chicken and mash potatoes...and a slice of (freeeeeeking amazing) pie to take home, mine was banana cream!
After lunch I was feeling quite crappy and was very thankful I put a pillow and blanket in the car, because I snoozed for the remaining 20 min drive.
I went strait to the couch and AJ went upstairs and grabbed my old comforter, the one I love when I'm not feeling my best.
I then continued to eat any and everything in my house...I don't think I've stopped!

My progesterone shot wasn't bad at all the first night, I figured it would be, but AJ did a stellar job. Last night was worse, some of the stuff came back out and when I woke up this morning I had oil and blood on my undies. (just some small spots, no biggie)

I woke up yesterday with mild pain and discomfort...and man did that first morning pee HURT! But it hasn't been that bad since. My mom came over and helped me clean (which basically means she cleaned and yelled at me when I tried to), we ran some errands and came back for an afternoon nap.

The nurse called around 8:30am to let me know that out of the 12 eggs they got out of me 8 were good quality and all 8 took good to fertilization!
I called my grandparents right away, told them that as of that moment they had 8 great grand babies in petri dishes. They were beyond grandma called last night to find out what kind of soup I wanted her to make me for my bed rest. She makes the best soup!

So as of this moment we are scheduled for our transfer tomorrow morning at 9:30!
I'm beyond excited.
I have already started the dish washer and vacuumed the entire downstairs...I'm getting ready to clean the crap out of our bedroom now. AJ is moving the extra TV into our bedroom and I'm going to make notes for all over the how to make me coffee! because you know things like that are very very important!

I'll have my iPad while in bed, but there is no way to have my computer since it's a desktop :(
It's gonna kill me being in one spot and not doing graphics! (anyone who wants to build or get me one of those over the bed tables is more than welcome to do so today!)
But I'm sure I'll post some stuff in the next two days.

Prayer, luck, good wishes, faerie dust...whatever, please send it our way! 

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  1. How exciting! Tomorrow is the big day! I will be praying and crossing everything for you! Come on little one dig in deep and grow big and strong! I love how you told your Grandparents that they had 8 great grandbabies!


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