Friday, October 12, 2012

And it's strange

I don't know if it was the Box-o-Meds or the fact that I have it all organized and ready to go, but today is like a brand new me.
No the headache is still kicking my bootie, but it's almost as if I'm looking forward to sticking that first needle in my gut.
It's kinda strange.
I'm still so sad that the last round didn't work, but I'm almost thankful to be able to do this again.
Say What?!?!
yes thankful.
I now know that I can live through a failed IVF...
I now know that I have the strength to heal and move on...
I now know that I be ok, no matter what happens this round.

But in all that, I'm choosing to make myself have hope and faith in this round.
I will not let the doubt and fear get me.

I will stand in the rain.
lyrics from the song Stand in the Rain by Superchic(k) 
This song makes me cry every time and it's because of the conviction they sing it with
I think the song is perfect for those of us going through infertility 

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