Wednesday, October 3, 2012

and so it begins again

I went in for my calendar review yesterday.
I left with another migraine inducing calendar, packet of papers to fill out and bring back filled out and notarized as well as a new prescription for the BCP.
I started the BCP yesterday, and I'm just happy the super heavy period has already started to get better!
I haven't ordered my box-o-meds yet, I don't have to start any injections until the 17th so I'm holding off...we did just put down $500 to hold our spot for this round of IVF so our bank account needs another week or so before another $1,000+ comes out of it.
The only difference with this round is that they upped my Follistim. I get an extra day of that needle! Last round I had 2days of 300units and 4 of 225units and this time around I get 2days of 450units and 5days of 300units that's a grand total of 2,400units vs 1,500units.
All I keep thinking is how huge and painful my ovaries were last time...and now I fear they might explode.

I've decided that this time around I'm handling things different, who I tell and how much I tell the people I do tell...the reasons why is a whole post in itself...maybe later.

On another note, hubs and I decided that we are in fact going to get away for the weekend. I'm so looking forward to the changing trees and the cool crisp northern air.

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  1. so glad you're getting the ball rolling... we're going in for our consult on friday to see what our cycle has in store for us. hopefully november is a good month for all of us! :)


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