Thursday, October 11, 2012

Box-O-Meds #2 and I think my head is going to explode.

My box-o-meds #2 came today and I feel like this train is starting to chug along.
This box was smaller...only because the pharmacy finally got a smart one and consolidated needles...I mean is it really necessary to send something like two needles in one bag and 20 in the other.
The ninnies also sent me a new Follistim pen and case...well thanks for the backup, but I didn't need it.
I'm also concerned about how much Lupron they sent...because it doesn't look like there will be enough. I do have some left fact I have more left over than they sent me...and the new one is in a pharmacy bottle, like the ones they use when they compound meds, just like the progesterone in oil that they send me, but the last time they sent me some off brand. I think I'm going to draw up a needle and see if they sent enough.

OK I bet you are now tired of me rambling about my medicine...yeah? that's ok I'll stop now.

Being back on the BCP is giving me a HUGE headache and the office told me that all I can take is Tylenol and Sutafed. And let me tell you how well those work for me.
So for the last three days have been me avoiding any bright lights, loud sounds and strong smells.  I have been downing water and eating nothing but crackers, soup and rice. I think tonight I'll go for mash potatoes...comfort food is my drug.
And speaking of comfort I finally broke out the fall pj pants and fleece slippers, because even though the thermostat in my house states that it's 68 in here I'm freezing! and I can only drink so many cups of tea before I turn into a puddle of tea myself.
My current favorite is Bengal Spice with brown sugar...mmmmm


  1. Ooooooo my box of meds should be here any minute! I'm sorry about the headache!! When do you start Lupron? I have my first injection tonight. Eeep! Wishing you the best on this cycle.

    1. I start the Lupron and Dexamethasone on the 17th (next Wednesday) and last time it helped big time with the headache.
      Good luck to you too this round! Here's to hoping it's the last for both of us!

  2. Woohoo! Man, both of you are lucky you're starting already! I'll probably be starting when you guys are in your tww's.. good luck!! sending positive thoughts and vibes! :)


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