Wednesday, October 24, 2012

no pants and killer heartburn

It has hit that point in the IVF cycle where the bruise form the shots hurt too much to wear real enter the yoga pants!
Thank God I thought enough to go out and get new black ones to replace the holy ones I love and adore.
And since the mid-west decided that today it will be in the upwards of 80 degrees (hello it's October!), I'm sporting the black capri pants and a tshirt.
I have one pair of jeans that are a bit to big, and if I wear my yoga shorts under then instead of a belt I can somewhat handle it.

What I can't handle however is the killer heartburn.
I'm not kidding folks, it's bad.
I'm downing tums like they are candy and I'm pretty sure that I drank about 3gallons of ice water yesterday, which resulted in many trips to the bathroom.

I go tomorrow for my first E2, and I'm trying out a new outpatient lab to do it...let's hope this time they don't poke all the way through like last time!
Then after that I'm going for an open interview for a company that provides home care and companionship for those stuck in their homes due to illness or disability. I'm hoping to pick up a few hrs on Tuesdays and Thursdays so wish me luck!

I'm also almost done with my latest crochet project, I'll post pictures soon.

Now sadly I need to get ready for work...I have way too much to do tonight while I'm there...stupid and tedious work.  Ugh!

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