Monday, October 22, 2012

The oddness of IVF round 2 and thank God that wedding is over.

This second round of IVF is effecting me in totally different ways, and it's odd.

This is day 1 without the BCP and day 6 on Lupron, 5units instead of 10 this morning...
and my ankles are killing me.
It's like I twisted them both and they won't heal, yet I haven't.
It started last week with every time I went up the stairs, it felt like I was hyper-extending my ankles, and yesterday I felt as if my hips were worked too hard...

I have a feeling it's because I have been kinda stressed/busy.
My friend got married on Saturday and I, being the giver that I am, helped out.
Now when I say helped out I mean that I played wedding planner, hair dresser, makeup artist, videographer and photographer.
All because I don't know how to say no.
Numerous people told her that I should have been her maid of honor...and to be honest I'm kinda hurt I wasn't even a bridesmaid.
I went to tons of meeting with her to get her wedding planned and executed, and spent the entire rehearsal sitting because her ass of a new husband took over and didn't even let me do the one thing I was supposed to do! which was "run the show" and let everything and everyone move and run the way it was supposed to.
I got up early Saturday and helped decorate the reception hall, then spent 3hrs doing the brides hair and which I then got stuck painting her toe nails, doing her sisters makeup, and her mom's hair.  I then put her in her dress and put in her veil...again I WAS NOT A BRIDESMAID.
 I rushed home and changed and the hubs and I rushed back, set up the video camera and I made sure that everyone walked down the isle when the should...ran back up to the balcony to take some pictures...because I have a zoom lens and the "photographer" didn't. I use "" because she had no clue what the hell she was doing. I've never shot a wedding but I sure as hell know when to pick up a camera to get a "don't miss shot".
I bustled up her dress and then the hubs and I rushed to the reception so we could light all the candles and put out mints and nuts...
You would think it ends there right???
Stitting at the reception there is this little kid, maybe 2ish, running around with no one watching him.
all the sudden he takes off out the back door and into the parking me being me I take off after him.
and you want to know where his mom was?
in her car
SMOKING (I'll let you guess what she was smoking)

so ya I've been stressed out.

From now on I'm going to say NO more.

So yesterday I did what I wanted.
I ate fattening pasta and breadsticks for lunch
and I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies
I made the best comfort food dinner (beef and gravy over mashed potatoes...mmmmm)
then laid on the couch and watched tv all night long.

And I don't care if anyone cares...I'm wearing yoga pants to class tonight.
It's midterms after all, no one is expected to look sane during midterms.

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  1. Oh my! I am so frustrated for you. What an awesome awesome friend you are and I'm so sorry you didn't get the acknowledgment you deserved! We are so close with dates for this cycle. Today was also my day 1 w/o BCPs. Have my first monitoring on Thursday and should start stims on Friday. Wishing you the best on this cycle and really crossing my fingers that this is the one for us both!!


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