Saturday, December 22, 2012

Well I survived

The family cleared out about an hour and a half ago...and I'm sooo glad it's over! The poor dog is traumatized. I'm sure I would be all fetal and crying if it weren't for my mother...the woman cleaned my entire kitchen. I'm pretty sure if everyone left and my kitchen still needed cleaning I would have just stood there and cried.
I missed my afternoon nap today, because I was making food for the party, and I'm surprised I'm not passed out at the moment!

So I have to tell you what my cousin did...because I really want to be all bitchy and put it on the Facebook...but I don't want to be the drama starter. So she brings her 4 kids and doesn't bring any toys or anything for them to play a persons house that doesn't have we don't have kids's not rocket science. All the sudden the kids come upstairs with toys in their hands. And she goes "I found some toys in your back room! I just went through your boxes."
She was in our basement bedroom, which we use for storage, digging through boxes! Who does that!?! I would never go into someone else's house and just did through their storage space. To top it all of they never really keep an eye on their kids...the oldest kept chasing our (little) dog arround and he almost got the dog I think may never bite anyone ever, she may lick you to death though. My other cousin (the other one's sister) came prepared with toys and books...and a newborn, a cuddly little newborn that I cuddled for a good long time. I may have sniffed her little head way more than I should have...but I don't care she smelled like that new baby smell that is so fantastic ;)

I hope you all have a great holiday with family and friends! Our whirlwind of functions started tonight and doesn't end until Wednesday. I also have my last RE appointment on Thursday, I'm kinda sad to see that come, excited to move on like a "regular" person and see a normal OBGYN, but I'm sure gonna miss that group.

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