Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Twice as nice Christmas

We began our morning with my family and a yumtastic breakfast followed by presents!
We then headed over to AJ's parents to open gifts with his sister and the kids (her hubs and the in-laws too).
We planned to give them the baby announcement gift at the end of all the gifts...
But his sister gave his parents a bag of a bunch of gifts and one was a pack of pictures...which included sonogram pics of baby number 3! She informed us she was due mid July and that she was 10.5 weeks...
The whole time I'm sitting there trying to not jump up yelling "me too me too!"
Instead I just grabbed the wrapped frame (one that says cousins on the top and I put a little paper in the frame stating that the photo was to be taken in August when their cousin gets here) handed it to his sister and I just said "we have one more for Ethan and Ava but it's glass so you have to open it"

She just kept yelling "are you serious, no way!"
Then the two if us hugged and cried like two pregnant chicks should.
His parents got so excited, then they realized that next Christmas there will be 4 grand kids instead of 2! I think they were even more excited after that.

So all in all it went way better than I could have imagined.

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  1. How fun that your little one is going to have a cousin the same age!! That is just awesome :)


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