Saturday, December 8, 2012

More spotting

So today kinda sucked.
I woke up early because we had plans to finish up our Christmas shopping, and like every morning I headed to the bathroom before I jump in the shower....
Today I had to postpone the shower to call the dr's office due to the bright red on the TP in my hand.
I just sat there for a few...I just looked at it, and my heart sank. I wiped and wiped again and each time there was more red.
I called the office, and at this point I'm almost in tears, my nurse was in with a patient and the front desk gal...who is the bomb dot com...told me she was going to grab her the min she was done to call me back.
I texted my mom...because sometimes the first person you want to hear from is your mom.
I then went down and plopped on the couch, told hubs what what was up and waited for a call back...he proceeded to google and tried to calm my nerves.
It only took my nurse about 10 min to call back.
She seems to think that my suppositories are to blame. She thinks that me cervix just got super annoyed or bumped by a who ha cone and since it's basically just a bunch of capillary endings it decided it has had enough and blood happened.
She told me to drink more fluids and call if it got any worse.

I took my shower, got ready and we went shopping.
We parked as close as we could, got what we needed and went to lunch ( I ate cheesey carbey goodness) and then I headed in for 4+hrs of video editing fun! And oh I'm still not done! Have I ever told you guys how much I HATE editing video? Well I do.

Anyways, the spotting turned brown and has been alternating all afternoon between light and medium brown. I did have one clot, but it was brown and about the size of a marble and I googled some more and found what I already guessed...panic if it's a red one but brown isn't something to fret about so I didn't bother to all the on call nurse...I'll just tell them the down low on Monday.
I think I'll be all worried until Monday, and they moved our appointment too! From 8am to 11...which is no big deal other than the fact that I'm stressed about not getting my video done or having enough time to edit it before I have to hand it in....whatever...I'm just being overly panicky about the stupid video...I'll stop talking about it now.

We did have a nice dinner tonight, it's my momma's birthday so we all (parents, brother, grandparents, hubs and I ) went out for our favorite Chinese dinner. It was yummy. Now I'm vegged on the couch watching Despicable Me.

Still spotting lite brown :( but trying to be optimistic.

(and side note...I'm posting from my iPad! Let's hope this lasts, because not being able to use the iPad to post to blogger sucks!)


  1. So sorry about this spotting scare!! No good. Sending you lots of love for Monday!! Can't wait to hear about it!!!

  2. I totally know how you feel with the spotting, it's so stressful! Praying we both get great news tomorrow.


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