Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bittersweet day

Today was my fair well appointment with the RE office. My mom went with me since AJ couldn't go...he did however ask that I record the sono...I think he was sad he couldn't go.
I'm so happy that everything is good and I get move on to the OBGYN, but man am I going to miss that office.
I made them a tray of snacks and got a thank you card. It was perfect, it said "I'm so greatful, for people like you" and it's so true.
The tech (the one who is always in durring my appointments) got choked up before the ultrasound even started...before I even took my pants off! And Dr. H gave me the biggest hug and of course I got all weepy...he did a bit too.

Mom and I then decided to check out some sales, since we don't have a Berlington in town we went there and then had lunch.
I had waffles...because I'm pregnant and I can.
Then we headed home and to Old Navy so I could spend my gift certificates and get some maternity jeans...I'm so bloated that none of my jeans fit anymore!
They didn't have any in my size so I ended up getting 3 new shirts, 2 maternity and one regular...but it's super cute and stretchy and only $5 so win win!

S my mom called me a few min ago and asked me to email her the video so my dad could see it, I had to send it in two parts but she emailed it it my brother and my aunt and uncle too.
My brother just texted me and said he's in love with our little peanut...and my Dr's voice. (If I get the video uploaded on here you will totally get it...his voice is awesome!)

But the best is that my mom texted and said that my uncle got teary eyed while they were watching the video. And now I'm crying again!
(A little back info- my mom was a single parent until she met my step-dad when I was 8. My aunt (her sister) and uncle are like second parents to me, I'm very very close to them. So it's like they are getting a new grandchild too.)

I also finally got chalkboard paint and chalk! It should all be ready for week 10. I'm skipping the week 9 photo...8 was so depressingly crappy, and I'm getting sick no photo this week.

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  1. Totally bittersweet. So happy to hear that things went well and I love the reaction from your family. So sweet.


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