Friday, December 14, 2012

The hair on my chinny chin chin....

Can we talk for a moment about the hairy side effects of IF???
ok good.

So I have always had one or two chin hairs...who doesn't. But you tweeze those bad boys and move on with your day.
Until the infertility treatments start, and you are jammin mass amounts of hormones in your gut and wow low and behold...MORE CHIN HAIR!!! I swear that crap grows feet during the night! I have to tweeze every morning now!
And not just chin hair my friend, you now have a mustache! and maybe your bikini line is now a bit further down your leg...
The other night while siting at dinner (IN PUBLIC) AJ...who sometimes doesn't think before he talks...typical man...points out that my "sideburns" are starting to get a bit out of control.  Thanks for that one babe!
Now I'm not some blond goddess, I have med/dark brown this annoying side effect is so much more annoying due to the fact that the minuet a hair shows it's self the world can see it! It also doesn't help that I'm a whiter than white Irish girl. Meaning that when I do shave my legs you can still see little black dots where the hair is still under the skin!!!
All this makes me miss my waxing days.  When my arms, legs, armpits and face were smoother than a babies bum. (have you ever had your arms waxed? it's magical!) And to top it all off I own a wax pot...but can't use it. My face is so sensitive that the heat causes massive breakouts. I'm talking those nasty cystic acne buggers that are under your skin. It hurts so bad for's not worth it. 

Now that I'm pregnant I have to just deal with it, tweeze and move on.  Can't use bleach and can't wax.  I've seriously considered trying to make my own sugaring solution and trying that...but at the moment I do good to make toast without puking my sock up.

Ok I'm done now
rant over

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