Friday, December 28, 2012


  I don't have much to say today, I'm feeling rather poopy thanks to this sinus crap that is trying it's hardest to turn into a sinus infection.

The Dr. told me I could ween off the steroid yesterday! and that I can stop the progesterone shots and suppositories as soon as I hit week 10...which ironically I have just the perfect amount of suppositories to make it till then. Weird.
No picture this week. Sorry. I'm totally not getting in front of a camera feeling like this...nothing looks different from last week anyways. 
How far along? 9 weeks 1 day
How big is baby?  A Green Olive..yum!
Total weight gain/loss: My grandparents scale states 202, which is 2lbs above IVF weight, but I'm thinking that most of that is Christmas food since I have been eating so much less due to morning sickness and this sinus cold.
Maternity clothes: I can still wear my shirts but my jeans are strictly on a rubber band only status...I ordered new maternity jeans last night. (I'm not showing yet, I'm just so bloated I can't fit in anything but yoga pants)
Have you started to show yet? No but I'm so bloated.
Sleep: good, I can make it till about 5am without peeing now! and I'm sleeping sound with only a few strange dreams.
Best moment this week: telling the in-laws on Christmas morning, and finding out my Sister in-law is due 2weeks before me!
Miss Anything? Coffee…still missing coffee but once I hit the 3 month mark I'm sooooo having a cup a day! And lunch meat/meat and cheese trays were hard to avoid this Christmas.
Movement: Nope, baby is still too small, but there was some wiggling yesterday in the sonogram!
Food cravings: bland food like toast and Cheerios...but I'm getting sick (sinus crap) so nothing tastes good at the moment either.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  ummm so my nephew took a bite of food at the end of dinner Wednesday night and gagged and puked it all back up...the sister in-law and I were sitting at the other end of the table...we both gagged and she had to run for some hard candy.
Gender prediction: I'm still on girl. Hubs is still on boy.
Labor Signs: Nope, but I have been getting the round ligament pains...which are a pain.
Symptoms: Morning sickness comes and goes and hits either in the early morning or late evening and is just nausea, my boobs are sore all the time now, headaches and ligament pains.
Major purchases this week? about $60 worth of cloths from Old Navy! Thank you gift cards! And I'm heading out to check the second hand stores now.
Weekly wisdom: take it easy on the Christmas cookies...
Looking forward to:my niece's birthday party on Saturday and getting rid of this sinus cold before it turns into a sinus infection! 

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  1. That's great you get to ween of your meds!


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