Thursday, December 6, 2012

stupid iPad, update and 6weeks

I totally posted yesterday from my iPad...because I was crazy busy yesterday and had NO time for myself! Who knows where that post went...

I'm doing great, no spotting, no cramps!
Although I think the morning sickness has kicked in today...woooo buddy!

I fixed myself one of my staple breakfasts this morning and I only made it about 2/3 of the way through it...and I still feel pukey. yippy skippy!
Looks like I'll be drinking peppermint tea for the day.

I have decided to wait until 8 or 10 weeks to start the belly shots, and I'm still trying to think of something creative to do. I'm not a drawer or even that good with my handwriting so the chalk board is out. I think I may go in search of some inspiration...don't worry I'll post them here! and you guys can tell me which ones you like me decide!

Now the weekly survey:

How far along? 6 weeks
How big is baby?  A sweet pea and is about .25 inches and will double in size again next week!
Total weight gain/loss: one whole pound! According to my grandmother’s scale.
Maternity clothes: Not yet
Have you started to show yet? Not yet, but I’m chubby so It may take a while.
Sleep: OK, I have switched to my body pillow instead of a regular pillow for my legs, it seems to help but I’m still getting some bad back pain. I really want a maternity pillow ;)
Best moment this week: I told a co-worker/good friend on Friday, and she was so excited that I would have a baby bump for graduation in May…got me looking forward to that.
Miss Anything? We had friends over for dinner Saturday night and the hubs got some Tequila Rose…man I love that stuff, it’s like grown up strawberry milk. I really wanted a shot of that.
Movement: Nope, baby is still too small.
Food cravings: Root beer and apple juice, sweet potatoes and peanut butter.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  My grandpa heated up some leftover stuffing yesterday, I thought I was going to puke instantly.
Gender prediction: girl
Labor Signs: Nope, but there was a spotting and cramping scare on Tuesday, but all is good now.

Symptoms: So Tired! and a bit foggy brained. Today I’m super nauseated.
Major purchases this week? None so far, but my private baby Pinterest board is quickly filling with things to buy!
Weekly wisdom: If you feel like you need a nap…TAKE ONE! Don’t be a hero and push through, it’ll only be bad later. Just take the nap.
Looking forward to:  seeing our little peanut on Monday!


  1. Definitely get the maternity pillow! Worth every penny!

  2. glad to hear the morning sickness kicked in - symptoms are so reassuring! i hear you about waiting until 8 weeks for bump pics. I'm patiently waiting until next Thurs to start mine


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