Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So it's a new year...

I plan on making it so much better than 2012.

Last year was a rough one, but also a good one.
It had it's ups and downs...like everything I guess.

Year in review:
     I watched my grandfather go through 2 surgeries to remove cancer, and then watched as he almost died as a result of infection from the surgeries.
     We went through 2 failed IUI's and one failed IVF.
     Went to Mexico.
     Failed one math class, but passed 5 other classes with all A's.
     Struggled with our marriage, and my husbands drinking.
     Learned to give myself shots...and keep an organized schedule (which I'm so not good at).
     Finally Pregnant! thanks to IVF #2.
     Ended the year in our p-jammers, bed at 12:01.

I'm not gonna lie, this year was hard on me.
I learned what it was to come so close to a baby and have it taken away. I thank God everyday that I don't know the loss of miscarriage, but reading other's stories and watching my sister in law go through it breaks my heart.
Life is unfair sometimes, but then again life can be good to.
I just pray that this baby sticks.
And not just my baby, I pray that every baby sticks.

I haven't thought of any resolutions for the year yet, but I'm thinking something along the lines of
1. have baby
2. organize my house
3. try something new each month
   I think I can handle these...and if I only do 1 and 2 I'm fine with that!

Happy New Year Loves!

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  1. Oh math.. I'm with you, always got good grades except in math and there's nothing I could do to change that.
    I like the resolutions, come on #1 :)
    Happy new year!


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