Thursday, January 31, 2013

And we've gone public!

So tomorrow my grandma turna 81...or 34 as she would say ;). So this morning my mom came over and after we got ready (she drops my dad off early at work and on Thursdays we take our time getting ready and then go have brunch) we headed over to the flower shop and explained to the gal that we wanted to get my Gram flowers for her b-day but also announce that I'm pregnant. She suggested a small thing of a few baby pink and blue carnations, which we thought was fantastic. I picked out a card that was for baby flowers and wrote a little note. We then headed straight over to my grandparents. I walked in and handed my Gram the flowers and plucked the card out to have my Grandpa read...since Gram can't see well enough to read.
It was so cute, he could barely read it out loud (and he already knew! but she didn't know he knew) and it took a second for her to get it...she goes "oh...Oh! Are you pregnant!?!" And she's crying, which she doesn't do, and I'm crying and mom's crying and Grandpa's crying and we are all hugging.
After the hug&cry fest I updated Facebook, and I haven't been able to put my phone down yet! The comments just keep coming.
Telling my Gram was awesome, but my cousin called my grandparents house (from Arizona) and I picked up...she goes "gram...aunt???..." And isaid no it's Katy. And then she yells in the most excited voice "just saw your Facebook"!  It was too cute.
I have to say today was fantastic, I was not expecting such a reaction from my Gram. It was more than I could have asked for.

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