Thursday, January 10, 2013

Good friends

So yesterday AJ calls me mid day, which is odd, and tells me I need to be home after 3:30 on Thursday (today). When I asked why he simply said that his dad was going to come over and put up the flag pole that he gave us for Christmas. Ok no biggie.
Yet when the door bell rang it wasn't my father-in-law.
It was three of my friends from school! hiding behind my door...with gifts!!!

They emailed AJ and worked it all out so they could come over and cheer me up, since I haven't been feeling well and we haven't been able to get together as a 4 over the holidays.

The bags were full of gifts for me and for peanut! Our first baby gifts!
For me was a super cute and comfy set of pajamas and fuzzy purple slippers and a big box of Cheerios...since it's all I can seem to eat these days.
And for peanut was the cutest gray stuffed owl, a book, a onside with a font shaped like monsters saying feed me and also a cute box with hearts on it and Johnson's and Johnson's bedtime bath and lotion in it....but my friend informed me that the bedtime bath and lotion was actually for me! And let me tell you, best bubble bath ever. It smells so good and leaves you so soft!

They hung out of a bit and we chatted, which actually resulted in us getting louder and louder....which is what always happens.

It was so nice and such a surprise. I've never been so greatful for good girl friends.

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  1. That is so thoughtful, you have some great friends!


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