Thursday, September 20, 2012

Trip canceled

AJ's Grandpa passed today
We just got home from a little powwow at his aunt's house

AJ lost his other Grandpa in the fall of 2010, we drove for two days for it, I was emotional and so was AJ and we never really got to know least I didn't. They live too far away.
But this grandpa we know as Grampy and he lived in town, was at all the family gathering up until last year when he started to go down hill and the altimeters started.

I'm going to miss him, he was always smiling and always making a joke. He's been my Grandpy for the last 8 years too.

So we are staying home this weekend...we still don't know when all the arrangements will be made for so we figured that staying home would be the best bet.  I really don't feel like being without family anyways.

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