Thursday, September 6, 2012

moved back...again!

I got a phone call this morning and my RE had an emergency this morning and had surgery this afternoon.
So my appointment got pushed back to Monday at 11...
then I get to rush back to make it to work and class! (woot woot)

I am however thankful that I have the busiest weekends ever!
Saturday- Family Reunion and Football tailgating party
Sunday- my insane ass is hosting a bridal shower at my of today the number of people attending is at 27...27...who else thinks I'm nuts!?!
oh and did I fail to mention that the bride's mother is literally nut house crazy? and 90% of the guests are large large  people who I'm afraid are going to break my couches...yeah, I know that sounds bad, but it's sadly true. (the bride's fiance has already broken my coffee table by sitting on it and gouged a mark in my wood floor by simply scooting a chair back)
Let's all pray I survive the weekend.

I also forgot to mention that the hostess of the Football party is 4 months pregnant.
I may cry, or get shit canned drunk....or both. Fun times!

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