Saturday, September 8, 2012

Skipping the party and some ramblings.

I decided lastnight that I just can't handle being around someone pregnant just yet.
It was confirmed this morning when I was sitting in the car waiting for AJ to run in the store and pick up chicken for the family reunion and a pregnant lady carrying cupcakes walked in front of our car and I started crying.
So for my own sanity...and that of my pregnant friend, because I really don't want her to feel bad...I'm staying home.
I plan to fill my evening with prepping for the bridal shower I'm hosting tomorrow afternoon. Baking...baking and more baking!
And Doctor Doctor Who is on tonight! Dinosaurs on a Spaceship...Hell Yeah!

I think I'm going to make a new tab for weight loss, I'm thinking posting pictures might kick my butt into motion.

I have to shoot two video news stories for class on Monday night...I have had two weeks to think of topics and get interviews and footage...
I have no clue what to shoot or any kind of topics...
To tell the truth I have no motivation to care about that class. I'm pretty sure I would chop off my foot and trade it if I could not take the class and still graduate in May.
I love the teacher, and really learning cool tricks to edit videos is all good...but when it comes to having to come up with my own ideas and go out and shoot the footage, well I would rather toto the dentist!(and novicane doesn't work on me, so you can guess how much I hate the dentist)

I have had this want/dream/desire toone day own my own coffee shop/bakery...and while falling asleep last night THE best name just came to me. I mean it's just who wants to loan me the start up money?!? I promise I'm a good baker, I even have my irish great grandmother's recipes!

I live behind ( back yard to back yard) from a house that should have their children taken I type there are two small children playing on a swing set with NOONE watching them! There are NEVER any parents watching them. Most of the time it's 8 kids on the trampoline and no adults anywhere. The kids range from age 2 to age 10.  AJ and I think there is more than one family living in the house...
Now I don't mean to sound snobby, but we live in a very nice neighborhood. Our old neighborhood had multi-families in one house and we didn't think much of it, but here it's almost shocking.
Not to mention kids on a squeeky trampoline at 7am is enough to make you crazy.

Ok I'm done rambling...and I have cupcakes to make.

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