Friday, September 7, 2012

looks like November

So I just jumped on my clinic's website...
ya know just to nose around and be depressed about all the success stories.

And I happened to notice the IVF schedule.
Aug 13  Sept 10  Oct 8  Nov 5  Dec 3 
Our first attempt was the Aug 13 group (they put us in a "group" so they are only crazy busy and only have to bring in the anesthesiologist one week out of the month)
With the medicine schedule being about a month or more it looks like I won't be in the Oct group...witch means I get to jab myself with a needle for my birthday! in Nov.  Happy 31!

I'm choosing to look at this as a positive thing.
Because I need to be more positive.
I'm going to use this "time off" between IVFs as a make me better time.

I'm going to start yoga.
I'm going on a diet...not an insane one just an eat better one.
I'm going to drop 20lbs before another IVF.
I'm going to go to Church more (because I miss it)
I'm going to look into acupuncture (on my list of things to ask Dr H about on Monday) 
I'm going to finally start my business (which means quit being a chicken and launch the website)

most of all
I need to start feeling less sad.
I know that's crazy to say, but I believe that God put me through this for a reason.
I need to use this loss/failed IVF as a way to grow.
Yes I'm sad, and I always will be, but maybe God wasn't ready for me to be pregnant yet.
Those embabies could have ended up with devastating illness, or I might have not been in the health to survive childbirth...
I know it sounds like I've gone coo coo
but it's the things like that going through my head that help me get through this.


  1. I think my next round will be in Nov too, so we can be on the same(ish) schedule. :)

    1. sweet! we can be shoot up buddies lol

  2. Love that quote! I am glad to see you are setting goals to help pass time. Praying that November is your month!!

    1. I found that quote the other day and I keep looking back at it. Thanks for the prayers! I'll take all the prayer I can get!


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