Friday, July 20, 2012

IVF Calendar and a Box-O-Meds

I had my calendar review yesterday with the nurse.  She gave me a ugly little sheet calendar that is horridly color I love color, but this was bad.  So I made my own! (and put a tab up above for it too)
It feels so good to have something, in my hands, that lets me know when things are happening. I've said it before, but I'll say it again....I have OCD tendencies. I MUST know what is going to happen.  I make lists for everything...EVERYTHING.
Even with this calendar there are unknowns. Like the day of retrieval and transfer, but I go in on the 13th for an ultrasound and they should be able to pinpoint better when retrieval will be!
Having this calendar gave me a giddy feeling, like it's actually going to happen.

When I got home from my appointment there was a box waiting for me at my front door.
Want to know what was inside???

(I think I got a bit carried away with making arrows...but I digress)

I think they over sent needles...well lets hope they over sent! That brown bag is FULL, well most of them are FULL of needles.  The bags are doubled up because one is full of needles for drawing up meds and the other is for giving meds...thank God because an 18g needle is WAY bigger than I want to jab in myself!  

My mom gave me the nicest pill box, it's two sided. One side for AM and on side for part? it's blue and purple! It should help me keep all the pills sorted and taken at the right times.

The Metformin, BCP and Asprin were not in the box-o-meds, but since I take them for the same reason I figured they should be part of the picture fun too.  The lab bill is from the required test that need to be done before the CDC will allow an IVF to be processed.  The Chocolate is a reward for every shot I have to take...and I'm thinking a pedicure is in order soon too.

I'm in the process of making a price list so that anyone going through IVF in the future might have a heads up as to costs of meds and the like.  I know it's one thing that we would have liked to know beforehand. 

Hope you all have a great TGIF! I'm shampooing my carpets and baking a turkey! (because I'm so ready for fall I can't stand it)
AJ and I are having a puzzle night and then a date night tomorrow night. It's my pick for what to do tomorrow and I have no clue what to pick. It's going to be hot, so I'm thinking inside plans.  We have a HUGE weekend planed for next week, and it's going to cost some big bucks, so we are trying to play it cheap this week...any suggestions would help!


  1. I haven't done IVF, but doesn't it feel great when you have the meds in your possession? Good luck with everything! I too treat myself to a piece of chocolate after each shot!

  2. I've been following your blog, and I sent you an email a couple weeks ago (in response to your "Talk To Me!" section) but I'm assuming you never got it- *sigh* technology. Anywho.. I remember how excited I was to get my calendar and meds in the mail. I kept reorganizing everything and redoing my calendar and everything, perhaps thinking it'd make time go by faster. I sure hope everything goes well for you! I've been through it twice, so if ya have any questions or need someone to vent to that can actually relate, let me know!



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