Monday, July 23, 2012

I was gonna...but old people can be soooo mean!

I had this big plan for a post today...
I sat this morning, at the bum crack of dawn, while a little old lady slept in her bed.
I was going to come home and tally up all the cost of this IF journey so far.
And then she woke up.
And all Hell broke loose.

She yelled as loud as she could
She squeezed my hand so hard I thought my fingers were going to fall off
She smacked me on the legs
She grabbed the book I had in my lap and threw it across the room
She pinched me
And the best of all???
She slapped me in the face

TWICE! (first time is all her fault...second time I should have seen coming)

And what does her son say in response when he came home???
"Next time you should do it back, you know like you would with a child."

I think my jaw cracked when it hit the ground.
I just stood there with out words for a few minuets.

I mean what do you say to that?

So needless to say I'm so tired. It was a 7.5hr day from Hell....I'm only supposed to work 6.

I'm slowly working up a price list so far, but I'm watching Netflix too...because I have to get up tomorrow and do it all again and late 90's tv shows are all that I want to deal with at the moment.
I know it's bad but I pray every night that the Lord just takes her...106 is just too old and she is just suffering with anxiety and her mind is going fast. She is no longer the happy little farm lady who tells me how to make pickles from green tomatoes.

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  1. That is horrible and so stupid what her son said! I'm sorry you went through that. I hope things get better.


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