Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On the first day of "real" IVF meds

Holy Balls!
just sayin...thanks Lupron and the 106 degree weather we are having!

This morning was my first injection of Lupron (10units) and my first Dexamethasone pill.
I jabbed my gut around 6am and it stung like Hell! It got all red and itchy and was warm for about 2hrs...and what a fun two hrs that was! have you ever tried to itch your stomach while wearing rubber gloves and giving a 106yr old a shower???
lucky me!

Although I did use a lot of caps and !!! today wasn't really that bad. 
I did also get the thirst that comes with taking Dex. (as I shall call it from now on, because I don't feel like looking up how to spell it every time I type it!)  but it wasn't that bad, I tend to always have a drink with me anyways. 
The bad part was how sick I felt with every hot flash.  I had to go get some ice to suck on until the nausea and hot flash went away.  Man I'm totally looking forward to the next month of that!

The most funny part of it all? AJ manufactures Dex. at work! (he's a smarty scientist)
He's sitting last night reading over my meds sheet and all the sudden goes "Holy crap" then grabs his iPhone and shows me the email entitled : Dexamethasone production.  Good thing insurance covered that one fully, or I would have thrown a fit if we could have gotten it from his work!

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  1. YAY for starting IVF meds! Glad today was better, but hot flashes suck! Hopefully your body gets used to them soon and you don't feel them as much. So cool how your Hubby makes your med!


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