Friday, June 1, 2012


I'm so sorry I  have been MIA lately...but then again I'm not
I was in sunny Mexico
getting burnt...because I'm whiter than white.

I started back on the junkie routine last night with 50mg of Follistim and I go in next Tuesday for a baseline.
I'm kinda numb about the whole thing.
I know it's only our second IUI but I'm having a hard time feeling it this time.
who knows

ps- supper sorry I haven't commented on your bloggs lately...I have so much catchup reading to do thanks to someone (our guess is housekeeping) that took my iPad...on the second day of vacation...I was only 2 chapters into my book.  Buttholes!

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  1. I hope you had a great vacation! Don't be sorry for being away. You do have a life outside of the computer. Being a little detached for your 2nd IUI is totally normal. I wrote about that at my 2nd back in February. I know for me I was still a bit bummed out by the negative on the 1st and not wanting to be disappointed again I put up a kind of wall. For me it helps. I am totally doing it now. It must be something about the 2nd one because even though it's my 5th IUI it's my 2nd with injectables.


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