Thursday, June 14, 2012

more great grand children

Just found out today that my cousin (not the pregnant one) and her husband are adopting again!
The first was a son from Vietnam, then a surprising pregnancy gave us another little boy, and now they are getting two sisters (one 4 and one 5)!
I couldn't be happier for them, although that means more girls that I didn't give this family of mine...

One more week of the 2ww...I'm about to go insane...
I'm keeping busy with granny squares. Friends of our are expecting (after 3IUI"s and an IVF)! so I'm working on a little crib blanket to go with this amazingly cute natural bedding set.  --->
I'll post a pic when I'm done, but it's small squares of all those colors with a white border.

I also have been working on a feeling post...It's going to be prepare yourself!

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  1. Oh that bedding is awesome! I can't wait to see your blanket to match!

    I'm prepared!


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