Thursday, June 21, 2012

damit! knock it off stupid body!

So I today is 2weeks from the trigger shot which = pee on a stick day #1.

Yesterday I was all crampy, woke up with zits galore (tiny ones which is nice since I usually have HUGE under the skin ones...fuckers hurt like hell!) and was willing to cry at the drop of a hat.
This morning wasn't much different, just add in a massive headache.
Yet still no sign of my least favorite I peed on a stick.

Surprise surprise

Then later at around 8ish (yes later, on work days I wake at the ripe hr of 5) I noticed I was spotting a bit, reallllly little, but still spotting.
I have been super tired all day and haven't wanted to eat anything.
No cramps.

What the crap body?

Can't you just decide whether you want me to be excited about lack of pms or ya know just give me pms so that I may wallow in a bag of chocolate cupcakes....which I may or may not have made yesterday just in case.

I'm suppose to wait till Saturday to pee on another stick...
but we all know that means I'll still pee on one in the morning.
That is if the period doesn't show up first.

Lord give me strength.

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  1. Ugh! That sucks! I hate when AF does this. (and those deep zits are killer)Praying for strength for you! Hugz!


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