Tuesday, March 27, 2012

even math wants to rub infertility in my face

just thought I would share my current math question with you...this online class will be the death of me one way or another!

To the right are the outcomes that are possible when a couple has three children. Refer to that list and find the probability of each event.

I'll tell you, MATH, what my probability of having a child is and you let me pass this class...do we have a deal math??? 0...that's my probability so far math...

It also happens to be the number of lost passports I have found. (number of lost passports-1... mine)

in conclusion: FML today can go to HELL.

edited to add:  out of 14 questions, 50% of them were about people having kids....if this shit didn't need to be done today, I would totally say F-it.


  1. Why in the heck were soooooooooo many questions about kids? Is the teacher a fertile mertile or something???

    btw - yes, I am quite sure having more tattoos will lead to divorce on my end too. but I am not caring now and want to just love life ;)


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