Thursday, March 15, 2012


Had a date with the wonderful dildo cam yesterday...I have to say that if I thought that thing was bad on a normal day having it jammed up the hooie on CD2 was pure joy! And to top it off how happy am I that CD2 happens to be the heaviest day of my cycle???
Want to know what made the day even better?!? (I know you are wondering) My MOM. Now I love my mom, and normally she is the best person to have a day with...but an hr in the car of her bitching about my brother, dad, grandma, and just about everything else makes me want to rip my ears off.
Ok I'm done with the rant.

My Folistim (and Ovidrel) are getting delivered sometime today, 50mg for the next 5days. I'm kinda totally freaking out about giving it to myself. In reality I'll have no problem whatsoever. AJ on the other hand has more than once stated that he, in no way, will be dealing with needles...thanks sweetie.
I go back to the RE next Tuesday for a follow up date with the dildo cam, he will tell me when to take the trigger and we will schedule the appointment for the IUI. I'm hopping and praying it ends up being the next Tuesday, it's CD15 and it just so happens to be the ONLY free day I have that week. There's a slight chance I could make Monday work, but Wednesday is impossible. Maybe I'm worrying for no reason...
I'm wondering if I can tell them I want to trigger on the 27...I guess we will see.

I have spent most of this morning goggle-ing success rates and side effects of the meds.

It's crazy...I'm excited and scared at the same time.


  1. Doncha just love the dildo cam while AF is here? Ugh! IUI #1 is so full of emotions. Good Luck I am so excited for you!


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