Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kat and the horrible, no good weekend.

I never read those books as a kid, but the title can easily be applied to my weekend.

AJ was in a fraternity in college and this year it turns 100...woot. So they had a big formal dinner shindig think up in the big city.
I dug out my spanks, my one nice dress and the heals I NEVER wear and away we went on the 3hr car ride to the city.  It was a nice ride, Peeta and Katniss kept me company. (I'm re-reading while I wait for the cash-flow to allow me to see it on the big screen)
So we get up there and it's FREEZING.
we were not prepared for temps that low, but we still made the few block trek to AJ's favorite German restaurant. TOTALLY totally worth it, best food I have had in my belly in a long time.
We went back and took a "nap"...and I only use quotes because AJ napped...I on the other hand can't nap unless I'm bad sick.

I feel the need to fill you in on the room....one word...Lions.
The suckers were EVERYWHERE. carpet. pens. paper....the usual...oh no there's more. The wallpaper was covered and the curtains matched the wallpaper, down to the texture design of the wallpaper! and it doesn't stop there! they were on the sheets and the soap and the towels and best of all was the shower curtain! part of me was thinking these 5,692,774,928 lions were going to spring free of their fabric holds and eat me in the night.

anyways back to the weekend.
We get ready and walk to a bar a few blocks over (me freezing because I forgot a sweater/jacket) to have a few drinks with some of AJ's college friends.
In the group I'm one of three women. One just birthed her second child, and continues to talk the entire hour we are there about it. The other, within 2min of arriving announces she is pregnant.
All I keep thinking is how I can't cry in front of these people who have maybe met me once or twice before.
When we finally got back to the hotel for dinner I mad sure to distance myself from them, sitting at the other end of the table.
The diner wasn't that bad, my salmon was actually really really good. Although the desert made me want to jab myself with my fork. 2hrs of speeches, boring speeches.  On top of that they serve German chocolate cake...my favorite...but covered in the usual frosting...I'm allergic to coconut.

After we were let free AJ and I went over to congratulate his friend on a recent engagement...big mistake.
Seems people we paying attention to the fact that I wasn't drinking.
Everyone thinks I'm pregnant and keeps asking me.
Stupid Metformin!!!

I spent the remaining 2hrs cornered by the above fiance, I have meet her once before, she was wasted and kept talking about how I just need to relax and how maybe I have just been trying too hard.
I tried to explain, firs nice and then after about an hour and half I finally started getting defensive. Finally I had to tell her I needed to go to the room to take something for my headache. The headache was not a lie.
I found AJ and we finally went up to the room about midnight.

Finally sleep!

The room next door decides that 1am is the perfect time for a house/dance party.
I quickly became the old lady who calls the front desk and has security sent to their room.

Even after that set back I couldn't get to sleep until somewhere around 2am.
The next morning we got up and went to lunch...where I finally got the chocolate cake I deserved. It was delicious. 

Getting home never felt so good.

Oh just so you know Math won the battle...I dropped the class today.  I'm kinda relieved, even though it means that if I want to graduate with a degree instead of a certificate I will need to take another math class. Oh well hopefully by then I'll have a baby and I can use their cute little toes to help me count if I need it.

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  1. I'm sorry you had to deal with stupid people who wouldn't shut up about babies and trying to fix your infertility. I hope this weekend is a ton better. Hugz!


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