Friday, March 23, 2012

Big Big Big Day

If you are not a Hunger Games fangirl reader like I am then the title means nothing to you.
It's opening day you know...but sadly for me I don't get to see it tonight. I'm broke as a joke and really don't want to battle the "youngsters" to watch it tonight. AJ has a birthday party to go to tomorrow and I have NO desire to go so I might have a movie date with myself.

Now on to the topic at hand.
IUI #1 was this morning.
AJ had a real hard time giving his donation...he didn't even let me in the room. I felt so bad for him. He came out to the waiting room and looked like he was about to cry, he almost ran to the car.  As a women we are so use to hopping up on a table, putting feet in stirrups and putting our naked bum out there for the Dr, nurses and techs to see, guys don't want to walk out of a small room with a cup and have everyone there know what they were up to. I imagine it has to be very emasculating.
Although he had a rough time with it surprisingly the number of good swimmers was tremendous, they all gave him a thumbs up and told him that with his donation he could populate the state of Illinois. I think that made him feel better.
My part wasn't that bad at all...normal annoying feeling of having your hooie stretched to the size of the Grand Canyon... the IUI tube they used did hurt. That wasn't surprising though....remember my HSG? that was the test from HELL.
The best part about our RE is that he believes that the husband gets the wife pregnant, not the dr. so AJ got to push the plunger on the syringe and (like it should be) send his swimmers in to do their work.
 I was instructed to take a HPT two weeks from yesterday and if it's a BFN take another one in 2days.

I'm having a hard time not being excited about maybe telling my mom she's finally going to be a grandma as an Easter gift. We are having Easter at our new house this year...I would love to do something creative to let them all know. It's going to be a small group. Just my parents and brother, aunt and uncle(like second parents, I'm suuuper close to my aunt) and my cousin along with my grandparents (mom's side). They all know the details of our IF journey and are major pray-ers. I don't know if I could have made it this far with out them.

anyways I'm getting off topic!

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend! 


  1. Hoping and praying this is it for you! You are the second person who I have read that the Hubby gets to push the plunger! I am so jealous. For our next IUI I am going to ask about it and basically beg them to let him do it.

    1. Em it's you getting pregnant, as I see it they have NO right to fight you on the subject.
      I'm a total God person, and as I see it God want's your husband to be the one to get you pregnant, He wants the husband to be the father...if you feel strongly about it than put your foot down. You have every right to.

    2. Yea I will. I just never thought about it being an option. I am so glad I saw a couple of you guys doing it. I am hoping it will make all the difference.


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